We use simple yet effective methods to quickly deliver value for you

We are nimble, value-driven design and IT company.

A view of Kobe city
We're located in Kobe, because it's a great place to live, and because we can easily reach all of Japan

We have Danish values at our core. Combining these with a love for and understanding of Japan, we can work and help in a way that is otherwise hard to get in Japan.

Denmark is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. The technology itself is not magical, rather it is the human-centered deployment of the technology, that allows Denmark to climb high on the international rankings. At the core is a fundamental respect for the human in all of us. By really doing the work, to understand your users and employees as humans, and working with the feelings and experiences they have, you can deploy  digital solutions in a much more meaningful and valuable way.

This is what we are all about. We can see what needs to be done, and all we want to do, is help doing it together with you.

Our (Danish) values

Users First

We are here to support your business goals. Period. But even the most lofty business goals are fundamentally resting on users, customers, humans. Let's work from there.


You'll often hear us ask "But what about the experience?". This is because we know that experience matters, and we know that it is intricately linked to the digital solutions we make.

Respectful Dissent

Don't hire us to hear what you want, hire us to hear what you need. We will always strive to be honest, and tell it like it is.

Shortest Way to Value

We are committed to working in a simple and effective way, that enables us help our clients realize potential value through digital solutions faster.

A view of a plant and some desks in an open office

The offices we use in Kobe

The process

Our process is informed by the needs on the floor.

Review & Research

The review and research phase is where we understand what the situation is. Because we use simple visual tools like customer journeys and service blueprints, we can very quickly give you a new perspective.



Whether it is a small intervention, a larger development project or a research trip, we aim to be strategic in our efforts. This means defining our scope, goals and outcomes, so we know what we are working towards. It's a phase, but it does not need to take that long.



In the design phase we sketch, build and try things out. Together with our client, we build close to the real setting that the solution will be deployed in, so we can quickly know what works and what doesn't.



Whether it's a paper mock up, or an interactive prototype in Figma or Miro, we continuously work to get feedback on our work.



Together with your team we implement the solution in your existing setup, and make sure that we align it with the service blueprints we made during the review process.



Our projects end in a launch. When the service is running, and the work process has changed.

Our team

We are here to help. We are curious, bilingual and competent.
Young white man in front of trees
Esben Grøndal
CEO and founder
M.Sc. Service Systems Design
Woman in front of trees
Yuina Sano
Project Manager
B.Sc. Nordic Studies